CloudFolder 1.0
User's manual


The CloudFolder application can integrate multiple cloud storages with the local drive by mounting them as local folders. So, files on cloud storage can be accessed through any local application program, including Windows Explorer. Any modifications made to these files locally will be automatically synchronized back to the cloud storage. It can also optionally encrypt files while uploading them to cloud storage in the background. Extensive logs are available to monitor its background activities.

Supported Cloud Storage and Protocols

System Requirements

CloudFolder is supported on the following Windows versions. A good Internet connection is required for smooth user experiences.

  • Windows 10 v1909 or higher
  • Windows 11 all versions

Getting started This section describes available features, downloads, and installation instructions.

Using CloudFolder This section describes how to use CloudFolder to integrate a cloud storage to local file system.

Support and Feedback This section describes available support options.

Ordering and license This section describes how to order and license information.