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Version: 6.0.515
Date: Apr 18, 2024
Size: 28 MB
Version history
Supported Systems
Windows 11, 10, 8.x, 7 SP1
Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012

MirrorFolder Version History

Build 6.0.515:
  • Updated: Now only sensitive fields in the settings file are encrypted instead of the whole settings file, resulting reduced CPU time taken to open it.
  • Added: Free and total storage space are displayed in the storage manager, if available.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues.
Build 6.0.514:
  • Updated: Left menu is now collapsible.
  • Fixed: Large size file may encounter time mismatch error when uploading to AWS S3 server.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues.
Build 6.0.513:
  • Fixed: access problem when mirroring to/from a shared network root path.
  • Updated: browse for folder dialog box.
Build 6.0.512:
  • Fixed: File copy function now uses system cache for faster copying speed on local/network drives.
  • Fixed: Volume snapshot may not be created under some condition.
  • Fixed: Last modification time is now set when copying files to SFTP server.
  • Updated: Dependent libraries are updated to their latest version.
  • Added: A feedback option is added to the taskbar menu.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues.
Build 6.0.511:
  • Fixed: Under some condition, differtial file copy routine was not truncating the destination file size to match the source file.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues.
Build 6.0.510:
  • New: Added default storage class option for uploaded files on Amazon S3.
  • New: Added encryption option for Backblaze B2.
  • Fixed: DPI scaling issue for time-grid control on schedule synchronization dialog box.
  • Fixed: Under some condition, synchronization may hang if the remote server stops responding for a long time.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues.
Build 6.0.509:
  • Fixed: Old archive files created during real-time synchronization were not getting deleted after the specified time interval.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues have been resolved.
Build 6.0.508:
  • Fixed: Bi-directional synchronization is now much faster as we removed a bottleneck in its logging function.
  • Fixed: Old archive files created during synchronization were not getting deleted after the specified time interval.
  • Fixed: Few other minor issues have been resolved.
Build 6.0.507:
  • New: The color of tray icon will change in a subtle way to indicate a background synchronization or archiving operation is currently going on. The title of the tray icon will also show the source and destination path names. When clicked, it will open the 'Logs' page of the UI program to show the progress details. This feature is restored from MF v5.1.
  • Changed: When copying junction or symbolic links, if the link target path is under the same source path, it will be converted to a relative path name when the link is copied into the mirror path.
  • Fixed: Few minor issues have been resolved.
Build 6.0.506:
  • Fixed: If a filter option other than 'Show All' is selected on the 'Compare' page during file comparison, then subsequent synchronization of files from the result list may copy a different file than the selected one under some rare conditions.
  • Fixed: If an OAuth password is changed, access revoked, or token expires, and then you try to reauthorize the access to the cloud storage, it may not save the new authorization.
  • Fixed: There is a problem uploading files within a certain range of sizes to OneDrive cloud storage.
Build 6.0.505 (New release):

This release contains brand new code base for fast and efficient file synchronization. we have added many new features as well as removed few ones.

  • A new user interface for ease of use.
  • New option to wake up the computer from sleep or hibernation state to perform synchronization.
  • New option to create rotating mirrors by appending a time stamp to mirror path.
  • New option to keep snapshot history of mirror folder using hard links.
  • New option to run a custom external command before and after a synchronization or archiving task.
  • New options to archive a folder periodically.
  • New option to archive files in '7z' file format with encryption support.
  • Support for synchronizing and archiving files on FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV server in the Cloud Edition of the software.
  • Support for synchronizing and archiving files on Adrive, Amazon S3 and compatible, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive cloud storage in the Cloud Edition of the software.
  • New options to automatically encrypt or decrypt files on-the-fly when copying to or from a remote storage location in the Cloud Edition.
  • Support for connecting and operating MirrorFolder on a remote computer in the Enterprise Edition of the software.
  • Support for headless installation in the Enterprise Edition of the software.
  • A command line utility to manage basic mirror settings on local and remote computer in the Enterprise Edition.
Build 5.1.360:
  • Fixed some minor issues.
Build 5.1.340:
  • Fixed SSL certificate error issue while checking and downloading update.
  • Fixed file copy issue from some NAS server.
  • Some other minor fixes.
Build 5.1.320:
  • Fixed an issue in RAID-1 mirroring on network shared drive under some condition.
Build 5.1.310:
  • Fixed a BSOD issue with OneDrive/SkyDrive in RAID-1 mirroring mode.
  • Now tested and works on Windows 10.
Build 5.1.300:
  • Added right click options to manually copy/sync/delete files under the 'Compare' tab result.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.
Build 5.0.296:
  • Now creates a log entry for canceled synchronization if there were some changes in the source or mirror folders.
  • Now has additional safety when replicating file deletion in case there is hard drive malfunction or the mirror drive is suddenly get disconnected.
  • Now does not cancel any ongoing synchronization when the system is put in to sleep or hibernation state, i.e., synchronization will resume when the system wakes up again.
  • Some other minor updates.
Build 5.0.294:
  • Detail synchronization status for files are now available under the 'Log' tab.
  • Option to send detail synchronization log as email attachment.
  • MF can now use open relay to send email without any authentication option.
Build 5.0.292:
  • Automatic synchronization interval can now be set to minimum one minute.
  • Synchronization using Change Journals option is now enabled for ReFS file system on Windows 2012 server.
Build 5.0.290:
  • Fixed a freezing problem during synchronization when opening the progress bar automatically under some rare condition. Now the MF task bar icon will show a notification when it will start synchronizing folders on an external drive on connection.
Build 5.0.288:
  • Email notification sending function now supports TLS/SSL. So, you may use SMTP server, like GMail, that requires TLS/SSL.
  • Update downloading function now works independent of IE version installed.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.
Build 5.0.286:
  • Fixed issues related to real-time mirroring of hard link and symbolic link under Windows XP/2003.
Build 5.0.284:
  • Updated ZIP library, and fixed some issues.
  • Fixed issues related to replication of moving hard and symbolic links under some condition.
Build 5.0.282:
  • Fixes some issues with symbolic link that was not allowing deletion of files in the destintion folder under come conditions.
Build 5.0.280:
  • When performing a manual synchronization under the Synchronize tab for a mirror with multi-threaded synchronization option enabled, and "Display only file names that required synchronization" option is enabled, the list view was not retaining/showing all updated file names.
  • The default wild card file type was not working under the 'Restore' tab. This bug was crept in the previous build.
Build 5.0.278:
  • Made some changes in the driver to avoid a possible BSOD problem under condition.
  • Wild card character can be used again now in the zip file name under the Restore tab. This was prevented in the previous build.
Build 5.0.276:
  • Fixed a bug that was not correctly extending copied sparse file size under some condition when copying to another internal drive.
  • Now "Synchronize on start up..." and "Bi-directional synchronization" options are enabled for mirror that has its source folder on a network drive.
Build 5.0.274:
  • Fixed ZIP file creation problem when "Split zip file to part size..." option is set. ZipArchive library is also updated.
  • Fixed an issue where MF may start synchronization and archiving a mirror folder at the same time when "Synchronize in separate thraed..." option is selected causing incorrect archiving of some files that are being synchronized. Now it will run only one synchronization or archiving operation at a time.
  • Now it does not send synchronization and archiving status email when corresponding global email event options are not selected.
  • You can now tun off MF authentication warning message box.
Build 5.0.272:
  • Fixed 'Date:' header format for email notification.
  • Fixed an issue of replication of file deletion in the source folder in bi-directional synchronization mode if the mirror drive gets disconnected in the middle of a synchronization operation, for example, you are accessing the network shared folder over week wireless LAN and the signal is lost. It will now stop synchronization if the mirror drive is no longer available.
Build 5.0.270 (New release):
  • Added support for copying opened files using Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service.
  • Added option to perform synchronization in a separate thread with different priority.
  • Added option to perform multi-threaded synchronization on multi core/CPU systems.
  • Added option to send email notification on error/warning, and successful synchronization/archive operation.
  • The main user interface program now shows volume label of source/mirror drives that are not currently connected. But it still uses volume ID to identify source/mirror drives.
  • Supports for selecting network drive/folder as source to mirror on another network or local drive.
  • Added command line option to change volume for the mirror folder to mirror it on a new drive.
  • Added option to encrypt ZIP files.
  • It now automatically use 64-bit ZIP file format if ZIP file size grows beyond 2 GB.
  • Added option to synchronize when user remains idle for the specified time.
  • Added option to control how to copy symbolic links on Vista and above.
  • Many small improvements.
  • Removed support for Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000.
Build 4.1.206:
  • Now it excludes symbolic links / junction points while computing folder size before synchronization.
Build 4.1.204:
  • Fixed an issue where subfolders under source/mirror were not deleted under some condition in bi-directional synchronization mode.
  • Mergerd 32-bit and 64-bit setup programs.
Build 4.1.202:
  • Skips searching under the junction/symbolic links in the mirror folder when deleting unmatched files from it.
Build 4.1.200:
  • Fixed a BSOD problem that was occuring under the certain condition.
  • It now sets the mirror drive as "Active" when mirroring entire system drive. It also make changes in the boot configuration data on Vista and above to enable booting from the mirror drive.
Build 4.1.198:
  • Fixed a bug that was causing MF settings to loose when a source folder is moved to a different location.
  • Fixed few other minor issues.
Build 4.1.196:
  • Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
  • Fixed a problem to automatically re-synchronize a mirror on removable/network drive, if it is not available for some time, in real-time synchronization mode.
  • Fixed a problem that was excluding file pattern added in the root folder in "Global Excluded Temporary File List".
  • MF now skips copying file larger than 4GB/2GB on FAT32/FAT volume.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.
  • Added Korean translation.
Build 4.1.194:
  • Fixed a problem that was causing "C"-run time error under some rare condition.
  • Fixed a problem that was not importing archiving time unit correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing lose of newly added mirror under some rare condition.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing creation of mirror folder in RAID-1 mode when it does not exists.
  • Added Portuguese translation.
Build 4.1.192:
  • Fixed a GDI leak problem in the MF task bar icon program.
  • Added synchronization options from task bar icon to main program under file menu.
  • Now MF task bar icon program runs in remote logon session.
  • Now empty filter group option is shown on exclude/include filter option dialog box when no filter group is defined under the "Options" tab.
  • Checking for the availability of mirrors on network shared folder is disabled during main program startup as this may take long time and delay loading the main program.
  • Added Spanish translation.
Build 4.1.190:
  • It is supported on Vista x64 edition.
  • It now replicates hard links on Vista when mirroring on another local fixed/removable drive that supports it.
  • Fixed a security issue that was preventing to copy certain folders under Windows installation folder on Vista when mirroring/synchronization was set to run under Local System account.
  • Added option to disable creation of real-time mirroring and synchronization logs.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing BSOD on Vista under some situation.
Build 4.0.186:
  • Fixed an issue that was causing mirror folder invisible in the Explorer if the source is the root of a drive.
  • Fixed a bug that was not replicating non-empty folder deletion operation in real-time synchronization mode.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Windows to display "End Program" dialog box for MirrorFolder startup program during shutdown under some condition.
  • Added command line option to write synchronization and backup status for mirror folders in a file.
  • Double clicking a source or mirror folder name in the list will now open its option page.
  • Added German and Danish translations.
Build 4.0.184:
  • Fixed a rarely occurring license initialization issue.
Build 4.0.182:
  • Fixed a bug that was not correctly setting the destination file size when copying a file differentially and the destination file is smaller than source file.
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying false license warning message box after restarting the computer first time when installing the registered version over the trial one.
  • Fixed a bug that was not showing deleted file names in the list on the "Synchronize" page of the main program if "Display only file names that required synchronization" option was selected.
  • Fixed mixing of date/time format when displaying logs on the main program.
  • Added a popup menu option to copy selected log entries to clipboard under the Logs tab in the main program.
  • Added option in the registry ("DisableRealTimeLogs" under <HKLM\SOFTWARE\Techsoft\MirrorFolder>) to completely disable real time mirroring and synchronization logs.
Build 4.0.180 (New release):

This version has been redesigned and rewritten from ground, and has many new features, as well as fixed many problems/issues that were present in v3.0. Following is a list of major new features added in 4.0. There are many other small features added and problems fixed in this version that are not mentioned in the following list.

  • Support for x64 version of WinXP/2003 through a separate native build.
  • New user interface program showing options for mirror list, global settings, manual synchronization, restoration, folder comparison, and logs.
  • New user interface to add/remove mirrors and change options for them at a single place.
  • New option to include/exclude subfolder name patterns from mirroring.
  • You can now see the current synchronization status, last/next synchronization and backup time for all mirror folders at a single place.
  • Option to change mirror settings for two or more mirror folders at a time.
  • Option to enable/disable selected mirror folder(s).
  • Option to initiate background synchronization/backup for selected mirror folder(s).
  • Option to import/export settings for selected mirror folder(s).
  • New global option to set CPU priority for the background synchronization.
  • New option to delete log files after a specified number days.
  • Option to allow only administrators to change settings for the software on NT-based systems.
  • New option for not integrating the software with Windows Explorer, i.e., no mirroring property page will be displayed.
  • Now both tool tip and context sensitive help are available for all settings. Option to disable tool tip help.
  • New option for not changing the source/mirror folder icons.
  • New task bar icon showing the current background synchronization / backup operation.
  • New option to open the current synchronization/backup operation progress dialog box by clicking on the task bar icon. You may also cancel the synchronization/backup operation on this dialog box.
  • New option for not showing the task bar icon.
  • New option to add/remove/edit list of globally excluded temporary files from mirroring/backup.
  • New option to create filter group comprising a set of file types to be excluded/included. You can then exclude/include this filter group for individual mirror folders.
  • New user interface to perform manual synchronization / backup for a selected mirror folder, and see the status for each file.
  • New user interface to restore a folder from a set of mirror folder(s) and/or archive files. It also allows you to search/restore for old versions of files from a set of mirror folder(s) and/or archive files.
  • New user interface to compare two folders and see the file comparison status for each file.
  • New user interface to view logs for synchronization, backup, real-time mirroring, error/warning messages, and list of currently opened files for real-time mirroring. Logs are updated in real-time.
  • Support to export/import all settings to/from XML file.
  • Support for command line options to add/remove/enable/disable mirrors, and modify/import/export their settings.
  • Synchronization routine now uses a temporary file for copy operation to avoid existing mirror file deletion problem in case the file could not be copied due to some unexpected error.
  • Support for synchronization/mirroring of sparse files without removing its sparse attribute if mirror drive supports sparse file, i.e., if both source and mirror drives are formatted with NTFS and running Win2000 or higher.
  • It is now compatible with data execution protection feature of WinXP SP2, Win2003 server, or higher.
  • Limit for setting maximum seven mirrors per source folder has been removed.
  • You can now create additional mirror(s) for a subfolder under an existing source folder without first excluding that subfolder for mirroring under the source folder.
  • New "Instant Synchronization" mode for monitoring file changes in real-time and replicating them as soon as they happens.
  • Support for synchronization at logon and logoff.
  • Better management of user account and additional network logon option to perform the synchronization/backup under a specified user's account.
  • Additional file comparison methods for synchronization.
  • New synchronization option using NTFS Change Journals records.
  • New option to replicate file delete operations in bi-directional mode.
  • New differential file copy option with a specified block size.
  • New option to backup files before deletion during synchronization.
  • New option to backup files before overwriting during synchronization.
  • Option to create a full backup of mirror folder after a specified number of partial backup.
  • Option to delete backup file after a specified days.
  • Option to create split zip file of specified size.
  • Automatic creating of split zip file if the size gets larger than 2GB limit of zip file.
  • Additional network logon option when backing up to a different server.
  • New separate exclusion/inclusion of file type list for each mirror folder.
  • New option to filter files based on their size during synchronization.
Build 3.0.118:
  • Does not try to copy Outlook's ".pst" file(s) if they are opened (otherwise, the mirror file was getting deleted if there was any error during copying the opened .pst file).
  • Fixes a problem causing creation multiple network sessions for the same network shared folder under some condition.
  • Now it does not check for the "temporary" attribute of a file as this attribute is not consistently set by the application software to mark a file as temporary.
Build 3.0.116:
  • Fixed a problem that was causing hang when saving file from MS Word 2003.
Build 3.0.114:
  • Fixed a bug of skipping files with zero attribute during initial synchronization.
  • Added few more error reporting when remote mirror is not available or can't be accessed.
Build 3.0.112:
  • Moved log files under Windows common data folder so that it can be updated even when synchronization is running under a non-administrator account on NT-based systems.
  • Provided an option ("NoDefaultStartupSync") in the registry to disable default synchronization of all real-time mirror folders on startup (see FAQ).
  • MirrorFolder will now ask for the user's confirmation if it finds an existing file in the mirror folder has more recent last modified time stamp during initial synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug in comparing last modified time stamp of the source and mirror files when mirroring from a NTFS drive to a FAT32 drive in real-time mode. Now our real-time mirroring driver will only update the mirror file (before opening both files for real-time mirroring) only if last modified time stamp difference is greater than 2 seconds. Earlier it was less than 2 seconds causing unnecessary copying of the source file whenever it was opened for real-time mirroring.
  • Few others bugs have been solved when MirrorFolder is running under a non-administrative account on NT-based systems.
  • Does not reset the attributes of subfolder if "Copy file/folder attributes" is disabled, i.e., it leaves the attributes of the subfolder as it is.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing hang under some condition during folder comparison.
Build 3.0.110:
  • Fixed problem of not showing mirroring option and generating fault during startup when MirrorFolder is running under non-Administrator account on WinNT/2K/XP/2k3.
Build 3.0.108:
  • Fixed error "This function is only valid in Win32 mode" while copying file on Win98/Me.
  • Disabled "Synchronize on shutdown" option on WinNT 4.0 as required support is not available on this OS to implement this feature.
Build 3.0.106:
  • New major release.