Backup in real-time

Product Profile
Version: 5.1.360
Date: Nov 05, 2020
Size: 3.9 MB
Version history
Supported Systems
Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 / Vista
Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008
Both 32-bit and x64 editions

Major Features

  • Simple, intuitive and easy user interface (UI) program to setup and manage mirror folders. Optionally integrates with Windows Explorer for setting up of mirror through property page of a folder.
  • Works on "Setup and Forget" principle, i.e., once you setup mirror(s) for a folder/drive, synchronization/mirroring will be done automatically in the background saving your valuable time.
  • Runs as a service in the background using very little system resources, e.g., CPU time, memory, etc., for mirroring and synchronization.
  • Supports mirroring/synchronization of a folder/drive to multiple destinations each with different options.
  • Supports mirroring entire system drive to another internal drive in RAID-1 mode so that you may boot from the mirror drive without any lose of data in case the source drive fails.
  • Supports mirroring/synchronization on all kinds of drives, e.g., fixed local drives, network drives on LAN/VPN, removable USB/eSATA drives, etc. Synchronization from network drive to local/network drive is supported with limited options.
  • Supports mirroring exclusively opened files in real-time mirroring (RAID-1 type) mode. Copying opened files in other synchronizing modes is done using Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service APIs.
  • Built-in scheduler for automatic synchronization and archiving of mirror folders at specified time interval, or at specified times.
  • Supports automatic synchronization of mirror folders at idle time, system startup, shutdown, logon, logoff, or when a removable/network drive is connected.
  • Option to perform multiple synchronizations in separate threads with different priority. Option is available to perform multi-threaded synchronization on multi core/CPU systems.
  • Supports bi-directional synchronization option.
  • Supports use of NTFS Change Journals data for fast synchronization of folders containing very large number of files.
  • Supports copying of NTFS alternate named streams, file permissions, extended attributes, sparse files, encrypted files, reparse point, symbolic link, etc.
  • Mirrors files at byte level in real-time mirroring (RAID-1 type) mode by default. Option to copy files differentially at block level in other synchronization modes.
  • Supports extensive filtering options for both source and destination folders to include/exclude certain sub-folders and file types respectively.
  • Supports archiving of older and deleted versions of files from the mirror folder in a series of standard ZIP files into a third location, i.e., outside source and mirror folders.
  • Supports limiting disk/network bandwidth and CPU priority used during background synchronization.
  • Option to send email notification on error/warning, and successful synchronization/archive operation.
  • Optionally supports replication of file delete operation in all synchronization and mirroring modes.
  • Easy user interface to find and restore files from multiple destination folders and ZIP files to a target folder at a chosen point of time.
  • Easy user interface to compare file contents two folders byte-by-bye.
  • Extensive logging of automatic/real-time synchronization, RAID-1 mirroring, archiving of mirror folders, and warning and errors.
  • Supports importing and exporting of settings and logs in standard XML file format.
  • Supports command line options to install the software, and setup mirrors on large number of destination computers automatically.
  • Uses Unicode internally so that it can handle file/folder name in any languages supported by Windows.
  • Multi-language user interface. Currently available languages are English, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.